Reviewer & Editor Guidelines

For reviewers and editors

When editors and reviewers are asked to participate as co-author in a submission, they should refuse. Have any of the submitting authors for whom you have a recent publication or a new submission? Share a connotation with every author that you have recently shared research project, grants, collaboration, research articles etc. Any submitting author with whom you have collaboration or have recently collaborated, have a near personal relationship, or feel unable to remain impartial, reviewers must disclose any such or remaining conflicts of interest, which the editor may accept.

The editor will evaluate all submissions to see if they are appropriate for further process. At least two expert reviewers will evaluate the paper to access its scientific status in case of reasonable submission. The editor of the journal will decide about the acceptance or rejection of research article. The papers written by the editor or by his/her family members for them or the papers which includes goods and services in which editor has financial involvement will not be edited/reviewed by them. All such kinds of research materials should be reviewed separately from that specific editor and its study group.

Assessment of the article

All submitted documents are subjected to evaluation and are tested for academic excellence requirements. Submissions will be reviewed by peer reviewers keeping them unaware about the authors’ identity. In case of submissions with serious ethical or other issues, our team may seek experts’ opinion. Before deciding an appropriate action, scifoci may consult experts and the academic editors to decline publication.